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Lorenzo Francois PAY2956
Andre Nunez PAY2993
Last updated at 0033Z

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Pacific Airways asks that all pilots remember that we will not, under any cirsumstances, redistribute your e-mail address or any other personal information to any third party organization(s). Your e-mail address is only viewable to authorized staff members. Please note that our staff will never ask you for your password. Should anyone ever ask you for your password, or any other personal information, please report it to an executive staff member immediately.

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Pacific Airways complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Under this act, web site operators are not permitted to require a child under the age of 13 to disclose identifiable information.

Pacific Airways collects personally identifiable information during registration. Therefore we can not allow any individual under the age of 13 to become a member of Pacific Airways.

New Hires
Dennis Volz New York
Jakob Paul Denver
Lester Padgett Miami
Darryl Roach Denver
James Warren New York

Top Pilots (April 2019)
    Aly Fouad 27.50 hrs
    Lorenzo Francois 81.27 hrs
    Rauldan Jaggernauth 76.13 hrs
    Neil Bonner 14.83 hrs
  New York
    Jason Wadsworth 77.82 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Charles Rickard 25.08 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Paul Gosling 81.03 hrs

Latest PiRep
 Pilot Name (PID):
   Andres Nunez (PAY2993)
 Flight (Aircraft):
   5212 (Airbus 330)
   Chicago-O'Hare, IL @ 2000z
   Charlotte, NC @ 2152z


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