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Terms of Service

The purpose of this policy is to utilize communication within the users (Pilots & Staff) with the expectation that the Company (PAY) has set forth for anyones access to our systems.


Pacific Airways (PAY) maintains informational systems for the use of pilots and staff. The purpose of these systems are to facilitate the exchange of information within Pacific Airways and those that Pacific Airways interacts with. Users have access to these systems consistent with the requirements of their positions within Pacific Airways and are expected to use these systems in accordance with The Terms of Service.


1. PAYacars System: Pacific Airways maintains a Reporting System which pilots use to record their flight times into a Flight Log all flights should reflect an accurate and Sanctioned Airline flight.

2. Discord Server: Pilots and staff can communicate using The Discord message board system (Audio and Video). Discussions may contain topics of flight simulation, items other than Pacific Airways business and issues related to general aviation topics. However, everyone must be aware that our audience varies in age (including minors) and as such must use discretion when making comments or posting a topic.

3. VATSIM Channel: Pacific Airways maintains its own channel (128.95) with VATSIM to be used by Pacific Airways pilots while flying online to communicate with each other. Similar to our Discord Server, access is possible by participants of all ages and therefore discretion should be used.


1. Ownership of Pacific Airways Systems: All systems are the property of Pacific Airways. These include but are not limited to: websites, forums, Discord, VATSIM channels and aircraft. They are to be used for purposes in serving the interests of Pacific Airways pilots and staff members. Any improper use of said systems are not acceptable.

2. Proper Use of Systems: Pacific Airways systems are not to be used for accessing, transmitting, retrieving or storage of any data or communications of a discriminatory or harassing nature as with materials that are offensive or of a sexual nature. Pacific Airways will not tolerate misconduct involving harassment of any nature. No messages (including pictures, images, text or video) with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual's race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, marital status, physical or mental disability shall be transmitted in any way. No abusive, profane or offensive language is to be transmitted through Pacific Airways Communications systems in any way. Actions will not be tolerated.

3. Solicitation: Any form of non-company (Pacific Airways) business conducted on these Informational Systems in any form and not to be limited to any VA Head Hunting Are Strictly prohibited.

4. Exception: Selling or Giving Away of Flight Sim hardware is Allowed Among Members. Selling or Giving Away of Flight Simulator Software will NOT be Allowed without a EULA Signed by first party user releasing their rights. (Active Members Only).

5. Privacy of Communications: Communications on the company's systems are not private. Users should be aware that comments made using Pacific Airway's systems may be viewable by all parties. Pacific Airways reserves the right to access any user accounts, files, Discord messages and if needed will audit or delete discussions as seen fit, from time to time.

6. Moderating: Pacific Airways Reserves the right to Moderate its informational systems to ensure proper order, an appropriate use by pilots and staff.

7. Communications: Each Pilot and Staff member are Responsible for the content of all text, audio or images that YOU place or send over Pacific Airway's servers. No message or other electronic communications may be sent which hides the identity of the sender or represents the sender as someone else or someone from another organization. All messages communicated on Pacific Airway's systems WILL contain the actual user's Full Name. Any messages or information to another individual outside of the company via an electronic network (e.g.: VATSIM, bulletin board, online service) are statements that can directly reflect on Pacific Airways.

While some users include personal "disclaimers" in their electronic messages, there is still a connection with Pacific Airways, therefore any statement that may be Associated to Pacific Airways for Legal considerations will not be tolerated.

Contacts & Responsibilities:
To promote the efficient use of and to avoid misuse of Pacific Airway's informational systems This Responsibility Statement will be at least Reviewed and distributed to all users of this system.

Violation Process:
Failure of any user to adhere to this policy may result in one or more of the following:

1. Corrective action against the offending party or parties, up to and including termination.
2. Temporary reduction or suspension of systems privileges.
3. Permanent revocation of access to systems.
4. For misuse amounting to criminal behavior of any kind, will be referral to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Updated: Mar. 7, 2022

New Hires
Matty Evans Pacific Europe
James Reis Seattle
Tom Hill New York
Robert Barrows Los Angeles
William Sanson Miami

Top Pilots (May 2022)
    Gregory Vincent 110.28 hrs
    Jury Zaporozecs 81.02 hrs
    EW Forbess 50.83 hrs
    Brendan McCoy 20.88 hrs
  New York
    Michael Klein 131.89 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Robert Barrows 108.74 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Barry Smith 97.88 hrs

Latest PiRep
 Pilot Name (PID):
   Scott Gray (PAY7812)
 Flight (Aircraft):
   3905 ()
   Dallas-Fort Worth, TX @ 2227z
   Denver Intl, CO @ 0023z


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