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Pacific Airways Online Events for June, 2017
Posted by Norm Tipton on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pacific Airways VATSIM Events for June, 2017
NOTE: Dates and times are based off of USA Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, Zulu-4).

If you are a text pilot, please consider using voice to receive (/R). It makes the controller's job so much easier and makes APG look better! Thank you.

Pacific Airways VATSIM Sunday!
Arrive: 1700-1800EDT/1600-1700CDT/1400-1500PDT/2100-2200Z
6/4 - Fort Smith Regional Airport, Fort Smith, AR (KFSM)
6/11 - Mobile Regional Airport, Mobile, AL (KMOB)
6/18 – Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, KY (KLEX)
6/25 – Lehigh Valley International Airport, Allentown, PA (KABE)

VATUSA Friday Night Ops!
Arrive: 2100-2200EDT/2000-2100CDT/1800-1900PDT/0100-0200Z
6/2 - San Juan CERAP (TJSJ) - San Juan FNO!
6/9 - Atlanta FIR (KCLT) - Charlotte Live!
6/16 - Ft. Worth/Houston ARTCCss (KDFW/KIAH) - Fort-Houston Live 2017!
6/23 - Los Angeles/Oakland ARTCCs - California Screamin' XVII FNO!
6/30 - TBA

VATSIM International Xtreme!
Depart: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0500-0700 USA EDT
6/3 - KOPF (Opa Locka Executive ) to MYES (Staniel Cay) - Route: Pilot's Discretion - 233nm
6/10 - MYES (Staniel Cay) to MYCI (Colonel Hill) - Route: Pilot's Discretion - 150nm
6/17 - MYCI (Colonel Hill) to MBMC (Middle Caicos Island) - Route: Pilot's Discretion - 143nm
6/24 - MBMC (Middle Caicos Island) to MYGF (Freeport) - Route: Pilot's Discretion - 472nm
These flights are definitely propeller flights. Some of these runways are short and/or private airports (in RW). Suggest C208, B350, C404 PC12 etc.

New Hires
EW Forbess Denver
Stephen Peppes Seattle
George Clarke Denver
Joe Detlefsen Seattle
Johnny Kasimatis Pacific Europe

Top Pilots (September 2018)
    Aly Fouad 52.66 hrs
    James Rice 63.97 hrs
    Troy Miles 80.23 hrs
    Chris Cramblet 47.92 hrs
  New York
    Jason Wadsworth 35.53 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Terry Foor 49.79 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Maxim Lehmann 84.54 hrs

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