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Pacific Airways Online Events for August, 2017
Posted by Norm Tipton on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pacific Airways VATSIM Events for August, 2017
NOTE: Dates and times are based off of USA Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, Zulu-4).

If you are a text pilot, please consider using voice to receive (/R).
It makes the controller's job so much easier and makes APG look better! Thank you.

Arrive: 1700-1800EDT/1600-1700CDT/1400-1500PDT/2100-2200Z
8/6 - The Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids, IA (KCID)
8/13 - Casper/Natrona County International Airport, Casper, WY (KCPR)
8/20 – Roberts Field Airport, Redmond, OR (KRDM)
8/27 – Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport, Cranbrook, BC Canada (CYXC)

Arrive: 2100-2200EDT/2000-2100CDT/1800-1900PDT/0100-0200Z
8/4 - Kansas City ARTCC (KMCI) - Kansas City BBQ Cookout!
8/11 - Anchorage ARTCC (PANC) - Arctic Entry!
8/18 - TBD
8/25 - New York ARTCC (KPHL) - Sunset Showdown!

VATSIM International Xtreme!
Depart: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0500-0700 USA EDT
The theme for this month is "Back to Oz."
8/5 - YBTH (Bathurst NSW) to YXFV (Newcastle Westpac Base) - Route: At pilot's discretion - 108nm - Plan this one carefully, else you have a surprise prior to landing!
8/12 - AYPY (Port Moresby Intl Airport, New Guinea) - YPGV (Gove Intl Airport, Nhulunbuy, NT) - Route: At pilot's discretion - 636nm - This flight also needs planning care, the destination airport is an international airport, but not as you know it!
8/19 - YBBN (Brisbane, QLD) to YBHM (Hamilton Island, QLD)) - Route: At pilot's discretion - 480nm - The destination runway is very short but does accommodate A320, B737 and the like. This approach will test your skills. Bathing the aircraft is not permitted.
8/26 - YWOL (Wollongong, NSW) to YPEC (Belmont/Pelican, NSW) - Route: At pilot's discretion. - 99nm - The destination runway is very short, usual aircraft landing here are helicraft and DH6 Twin Otters. Choose your airframe wisely. In addition, as you will fly over YSSY, expect ATC and diversions.

New Hires
Conner Stilen Chicago
Leon Vermeulen Pacific Europe
Josh Welte Los Angeles
Chris Brown Miami
Rodrigo Aldana Los Angeles

Top Pilots (June 2018)
    Aly Fouad 57.66 hrs
    Jonni McCoy 33.93 hrs
    Troy Miles 42.37 hrs
    Chris Cramblet 69.32 hrs
  New York
    Mich Waller 26.58 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Dave Cook 21.21 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Raimond Wolters 43.11 hrs

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