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Pacific Airways Online Events for January, 2018
Posted by Norm Tipton on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pacific VATSIM Events for January, 2018
NOTE: Dates and times are based off of USA Eastern Standard Time (EST, Zulu-5).

If you are a text pilot, please consider using voice to receive (/R).
It makes the controller's job so much easier and makes APG look better! Thank you.

Arrive: 1700-1800EST/1600-1700CST/1400-1500PST/2200-2300Z
1/7 - Ogden-Hinckley Airport, Ogden, UT (KOGD)
1/14 - Pacific Airways 20th Anniversary Flyin! - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, WA (KSEA)
1/21 – Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento, CA (KSMF)
1/28 – Long Beach /Daugherty Field Airport, Long Beach, CA (KLGB)

VATUSA Friday Night Ops!
Arrive: 2100-2200EST/2000-2100CST/1800-1900PST/0200-0300Z
1/5 - VATCAN/VATUSA (CYYZ) - Champagne in Toronto!
1/12 - Atlanta ARTCC (KATL) - Atlanta Center FNO!
1/19 - New York/Boston/Washington ARTCCs (KJFK/KBOS/KDCA) - Northeastern Corridor 2018!
1/26 - San Juan CERAP/FIR (TJSJ) - San Juan FNO!

VATSIM International Xtreme!
Depart: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0400-0600 USA EST
1/6 - WAJO (Oksibil, Indonesia) to WAJW (Wamena, Indonesia) - Route:DCT ZX ZW DCT - Distance: 131nm - Suggested Airframe - no more than CAT2, Twotter or similar. Both airports are located in high mountainous terrain and forest.
1/13 - KGTF (Great Falls Int, Montana, USA) to KASE (Aspen, Colorado, USA) - Route:DCT BIL J713 BOY CKW CHE DCT - Distance: 555nm - Suggested Airframe - CAT 1 or 2. Another mountainous flight.
1/20 - YABA (Albany, WA) to YRTI (Rottnest Island, WA) - Route:MANTU - Distance: 210nm - Suggested Airframe - Cat 1 only, RTI is not a commercial airport.
1/27 - NZNV (Invercargill, NZ) to NZMF (Milford Sound, NZ) - Route:SUNGU - Distance: 105nm - Suggested Airframe - Cat 1/2 only. This route will take you over the NZ Southern Alps, and then you will descend into a fjord (sound) with an approach from the sea - the only way in!

All Pacific Airways Endorsed Online Events are eligible for the relaxed PIREP rules which means you can fly these events and log the flight no matter where you are presently located.

New Hires
Ralph Gaines Denver
Tony Leonard Denver
Tom Neuin Denver
Keith Holland Denver
Yanis Zanders Denver

Top Pilots (December 2018)
    Mitch Clason 34.21 hrs
    Jury Zaporozecs 35.76 hrs
    George Clarke 82.79 hrs
    James Reis 29.40 hrs
  New York
    Jason Wadsworth 45.85 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Terry Foor 63.43 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    George Brown 68.35 hrs

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