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Pacific Airways Online Events for February, 2018
Posted by Norm Tipton on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pacific Airways VATSIM Events for February, 2018
NOTE: Dates and times are based off of USA Eastern Standard Time (EST, Zulu-5).

If you are a text pilot, please consider using voice to receive (/R).
It makes the controller's job so much easier and makes APG look better! Thank you.

Arrive: 1700-1800EST/1600-1700CST/1400-1500PST/2200-2300Z
2/4 - Eagle County Regional Airport, Eagle CO (KEGE)
2/11 - Sheppard Afb/Wichita Falls Municipal Airport, Wichita Falls, TX (KSPS)
2/18 – Albuquerque International Sunport Airport, Albuquerque, NM (KABQ)
2/25 – San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA (KSAN)

VATUSA Friday Night Ops
Arrive: 2100-2200EST/2000-2100CST/1800-1900PST/0200-0300Z
2/2 - Albuquerque ARTCC (KTUS/KELP) - Desert Southwest FNO!
2/9 - Atlanta/Jacksonville ARTCCs (KCLT/KMCO) - Charlotte-Orlando Xfire FNO!
2/16 - Chicago ARTCC (KORD/KMDW) - Frigid Friday Night Ops!
2/23 - Edmonton FIR (CYYC) - FNO: Friday in Cowtown!

VATSIM International Xtreme!
Depart: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0400-0600 USA EST
Dust off your bush aircraft, February is “Bush Month” with a range of some of the best bush flight locations in the world, from Alaska to New Zealand and Australia. The take-offs will be straightforward, but the landings will all be testing – in RW at least. Enjoy!
2/3 - Longreach, Queensland, Australia (YLRE) to Birdsville, Queensland, Australia (YBDV) Route: NONET - Distance: 300nm - Suggested Airframe - DH6, B350, PC12, B1900C/D, C40. This is a true “bush” flight, in the heart of the Australian “outback”. Birdsville has a population of 140 people. Have a beer at the world renowned Birdsville Hotel, opposite the airport!
2/10 - Kodiak, Alaska, USA (PADQ) to Wasilla, Alaska, USA (PAWS) Route: RWO G10 ACE - Distance: 246nm - Suggested Airframe - DH6, B350, PC12, B1900C/D, C404.
2/17 - Victoria Intl, British Columbia, Canada (CYYJ) to Tipella, British Columbia, Canada (CBB7) Route: YVR JANEK - Distance: 85nm - Suggested Airframe - DH6, B350, PC12, B1900C/D, C404t.
2/24 - Mount Cook/Aotearoa, New Zealand (NZMC) to Glenorchy, New Zealand (NZGY)
Route:MAMUS Q787 QN - Distance: 100nm - Suggested Airframe - Light aircraft only. NZGY is a small/short grass strip near Lake Wakatipu looking up the Dart River valley in the NZ southern alps. Nothing bigger than a C404, B350 for this “airport”.

New Hires
Dave Reynolds New York
Tanner Wooldridge Chicago
Juan Florez Miami
Warren Bennis New York
Jonathan Jiles Miami

Top Pilots (May 2018)
    Stephen Kennedy Jones 96.80 hrs
    Jury Zaporozecs 71.33 hrs
    Troy Miles 33.53 hrs
    Chris Cramblet 109.03 hrs
  New York
    Jason Wadsworth 29.39 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Dave Cook 56.89 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Maxim Lehmann 76.78 hrs

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   Tayo Adeyeye (PAY3526)
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   2352 (Boeing 737-800)
   Miami, FL @ 1900z
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