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8/5 - VATSIM Sunday VFR Bush Flight, PAEN to Z93
Posted by Norm Tipton on Friday, August 3, 2018

8/5 - Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN) to Copper Center 2 Airport, (Z93)
Please read NOTAM below for the flight instructions

Depart PAEN 1530-1600EDT/1430-1500CDT/1230-1300PDT/1930-2000Z
Arrive Z93 1700-1800EDT/1600-1700CDT/1400-1500PDT/2100-2200Z

This is a VFR flight suitable for bush type or light single/twin aircraft.
Remember to use 1200 as your transponder code and fly odd altitudes plus 500 ft.
Below is the suggested route and at the bottom of this post is a map of that route for reference, click on it to enlarge the map.

-Depart PAEN on a heading of 020, approximately 40nm to Cook Inlet
-Fly heading 078 to Prince William Sound, approximately 87 miles
-Fly heading 018, approximately 35 miles
-Fly heading 050, to PAVD, approximately 10 miles
-From PAVD you can fly through or above the mountains to intercept the o/b 359 radial from Johnstone Point (JOH - 116.70)
-Copper Center (Z93) is 95 miles from JOH on the 359 radial

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