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VATSIM's Eastbound "Cross the Pond" Event
Posted by Chris Cramblet on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Saturday October 27th, will be the annual "Eastbound Cross the Pond" VATSIM Event! Always a great event, you can book a slot at select airports or just fly it. Several PAY pilots have flown the event in past years and it's always a great flight and time! By mid-day on Saturday there will be 100's of pilots flying across the Atlantic, so why not join them! Set up a group flight with fellow pilots! And brush up on trans-atlantic procedures too, remember those position reports?

Fly "Cross the Pond: Eastbound" a premier VATSIM event, Saturday October 27th.

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Christopher Clark Pacific Europe
Arly Meme New York
Gregorius Bolzman Chicago
Alberto Zizumbo Los Angeles
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    Richard Haney 17.28 hrs
    James Rice 125.34 hrs
    George Clarke 51.08 hrs
    Chris Cramblet 45.60 hrs
  New York
    Dave Reynolds 13.05 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Dave Cook 42.20 hrs
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    George Brown 89.15 hrs

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   Peter Urbanek (PAY5671)
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   3232 (Boeing 727-200)
   Denver Intl, CO @ 1233z
   Albuquerque Intl Sunport, NM @ 1407z


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