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Pacific VATSIM Online Events - November, 2018
Posted by Norm Tipton on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pacific Airways VATSIM Events for November, 2018
NOTE: Dates and times are based off of USA Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, Zulu-4)
Beginning Sunday, November 4th - USA Eastern Standard Time (EST, Zulu-5).

If you are a text pilot, please consider using voice to receive (/R).
It makes the controller's job so much easier and makes APG look better! Thank you.

Arrive: 1700-1800EST/1600-1700CST/1400-1500PST/2200-2300Z
11/4 - Kansas City Downtown Airport, Kansas City, MO (KMKC)
11/11 - Eagle County Regional Airport, Eagle, CO (KEGE)
11/18 – Boise Air Teminal/Gowen Field, Boise, ID (KBOI)
11/25 – Pacific Airways 21st Anniversary Flyin / Seatle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, WA (KSEA)

Arrive: 2100-2200EDT/2000-2100CDT/1800-1900PDT/0100-0200Z
Beginning 11/4: 2100-2200EST/2000-2100CST/1800-1900PST/0200-0300Z
11/2 - New York ARTCC (KPHL) - Philly FNO: Live from ZNY in Philadelphia
11/9 - Memphis ARTCC (KMEM) - Night on the River FNO!
11/16 - Washington ARTCC (KIAD) - Never Dull at Dulles 2018!
11/23 - TBD
11/30 - Boston ARTCC (KBOS) - 60 Hours of ATC!

Depart: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0500-0700 USA EDT
Beginning 11/4: 0900-1100Z (1000Z target)/1900-2100 Australia EST/1430-1630 India IST/0400-0600 USA EST
11/3 - Philadelphia, Pa (KPHL) to Toledo, Ohio (KTOL)
Route: AWISA V210 LRP J6 SAAME J230 BEETS Q480 LEJOY J518 DJB V426 AMRST V584 VWV - Distance: 402nm
11/10 - Toledo, Ohio (KTOL) to Otumwa, Iowa (KOTM)
Route: LEYIR V6 PIONS V11 EDGEE V126 GSH J60 JOT J18 MZV V434 OTM - Distance: 444nm
11/17 - Otumwa, Iowa (KOTM) to Boston, Ma (KBOS)
Route: OTM V434 MZV J18 JOT J146 GIJ J554 JHW Q82 PONCT - Distance: 973nm
11/24 - Boston, Ma (KBOS) to Fort Wayne (KFWA)
Route: GLYDE V292 BAF Q480 CANDR J60 FORTT J220 VALLO J64 FWA - Distance: 755nm

New Hires
Casey Penney Miami
Devin Grush Denver
William Bondi Los Angeles
Johann Keyser Chicago
Camila Santis Seattle

Top Pilots (October 2019)
    Gregory Vincent 68.55 hrs
    Lorenzo Francois 25.93 hrs
    Wayne Gary 67.64 hrs
    James Reis 23.21 hrs
  New York
    Jason Wadsworth 31.41 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Terry Foor 60.69 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Paul Gosling 46.52 hrs

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   William Bondi (PAY7806)
 Flight (Aircraft):
   5230 (Boeing 757-200)
   Chicago-O'Hare, IL @ 1923z
   Las Vegas, NV @ 2259z


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