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Alaska bush flights updated, new charters added.
Posted by Dave Cook on Friday, August 9, 2019

Four new Alaska bush flights out of Cold Bay have been added to the Seattle flight table. These flights can be found on the flight table by selecting the Seattle Hub, Aircraft Cat 1, leave the departure and arrival field’s blank and click on search. The Alaska bush flight numbers start at 1950 and above.

Several new charters have been added to the Charter Center as well. There is a CAT 1 Bahama charter out of Miami, A CAT 1 charter out of New York, a couple of new charters out of Chicago, Denver, and Seattle as well. The reservation system is no longer being used, so just choose a charter and fly it per the instructions in the charter. New charters will continue to be added going forward. The Charter Center can be accessed through the Pilot's Lounge or from the Hub Navigation section within each Hub home page.

New Hires
Orpheas Panayiotopoulos Pacific Europe
Sam Waters Miami
Carlos David Denver
Ron Oliver New York
Mark Thomas New York

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    Mitch Clason 102.64 hrs
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    Peter Urbanek 27.05 hrs
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    Benedicto Rosa 102.60 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Terry Foor 109.78 hrs
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    Johnny Kasimatis 50.40 hrs

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   1646 (Airbus 320)
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