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NOTAM: Change in Ranks and Promotion Hours
Posted by Tom Detlefsen on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Pilots: We have made a complete change in the Rank and Promotion Hours to get to the fun faster. This will open up new flight tables and aircraft to lower Ranking pilots.

More to come Soon stay tuned, we're looking to launch this program at the beginning of the Year. Let's start off 2021 a little better than 2020...

New Rank Hours:

First officer 0-19
Captain 20-39
ATP First Officer 40-79
ATP Captain 80-299
ATP Senior Captain- GA certified 300 - 599
ATP Commander - MC club member 600 - 999
ATP Senior Commander - Elite Pilot 1000 +
Pacific Lifetime Member 3000+

New Hires
Shawn Darrenkamp Pacific Europe
Mike Smoker Los Angeles
Matt Gjedde Miami
Steve Derby Los Angeles
JB Mclemore New York

Top Pilots (January 2021)
    Mitch Clason 43.18 hrs
    James Rice 153.92 hrs
    Wayne Gary 121.20 hrs
    William Stuart  1.55 hrs
  New York
    JB Mclemore 169.09 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Terry Foor 89.96 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Roger Flitter 35.59 hrs

Latest PiRep
 Pilot Name (PID):
   Mitch Clason (PAY1992)
 Flight (Aircraft):
   Special (Beech King Air 350)
   Anchorage Intl, AK @ 1730z
   @ 1840z


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