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NOTAM: Change in the P.L.M. Status Hours
Posted by Tom Detlefsen on Wednesday, December 16, 2020


The 3000 hour pilot will now be lifetime members of Pacific Airways [P.L.M.]. As a lifetime member, the system will no longer warn you if you don't fly once per month, or terminate you. As a lifetime member, we will no longer require you to fly once per month to stay active in the system.

The Regional Directors will still check on you if you haven't flown for awhile. Lifetime members will only be terminated manually when necessary and not automatically by the system.

ATTN: These changes will become effective with the Update set for the 1st of January 2021

New Hires
Fabrizio Cossa Pacific Europe
Ken MacELmon Miami
Dario Francioni Pacific Europe
Joe Forti Los Angeles
James Moody Denver

Top Pilots (March 2021)
    Richard Haney  7.97 hrs
    Andre Horton  9.11 hrs
    EW Forbess 13.65 hrs
  New York
    JB Mclemore 43.54 hrs
  Los Angeles
    Dave Cook 12.26 hrs
  Pacific Europe
    Johnny Kasimatis  9.16 hrs

Latest PiRep
 Pilot Name (PID):
   Tayo Adeyeye (PAY3526)
 Flight (Aircraft):
   6216 (Boeing 737-700)
   Newark Intl, NJ @ 1820z
   Flint, MI @ 2002z


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