Welcome to the Pacific Airways Hangar! We can only guarantee that the aircraft you download will work with the version of Flight Simulator that it was designed for, however most versions of Flight Simulator are backwards compatible with aircraft designed for previous versions. However, you will not be able to use an aircraft designed for a version of FS more recent than the one you are using (i.e.: using an FS2004 aircraft in FS2000 will not work). The Fleet team is constantly updating and painting new aircraft so be sure to check out our hangar often. If you should have any questions about our fleet, feel free to register in our Pilot Forums and post your question in the Fleet Forum, or send a member of the Fleet team an e-mail
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Pacific Airways supports FSX, FS2020 and Xplane-11-12. Many of the FSX downloads will work in P3D. Check the forum for more information.

NOTEM: All our XP11 livery paints will work in XP12
Xplane CSL = FSX VIP files