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Hub Staff
Director North American Operations: Michael Klein

Flight Statistics
Scheduled: 21,963 Flights
Charter: 5,026 Flights
Special: 3,304 Flights
SPECIAL: 13 Flights
SPEC: 1 Flights
pjc: 1 Flights
Total: 30,308 Flights

Miami Hub

Vibrant and charged with the energy of Caribbean rhythms, *Miami* means big-city sophistication and seductive beaches. It is the home of over two million people who live, work and ultimately play in what is now one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Blessed with year-round mild climates and unrivaled ocean access, America's southernmost resort city is also a sought-after international recreation destination. Pacific Airways is a vital link in the city as we transport those seeking the solace of the Magic City and destinations beyond. Pacific Airways Miami Passenger Operations has over 140 domestic and international destinations daily.

Pacific Airways Miami Cargo Operations works as a vital link between the many global locations and the large international port of Miami. As the Gateway to the Americas, the Port of Miami handles millions of tons of cargo per year. Pacific Airways Cargo operates 85 daily flights to domestic and international locations.

Hub News
Miami Parking Positions
Posted by Chris Cramblet on May 28, 2018 at 6:52 PM UTC

Arriving and Departing Domestic Flights: Concourse H, Gates H3 - H17
Arriving and Departing International Flights: Concourse E, Gates E10 - E11

Detailed maps (thanks to our COO Jason Wadsworth) are available in the East Coast Division Forum: 'Pacific East Division Airport Parking Positions'

End of two decades of Partnership
Posted by Anand Pradhan on July 7, 2016 at 3:17 AM UTC

Following a review of operations and goals for the future, Pacific Airways (PAY) and American Flight Airways (AFA) have decided to end their association as part of the American Pacific Group (APG).

This brings to an end almost two decades of partnership but now allows Pacific Airways to focus on their long-term goals.

A new Executive Team has been formed and includes two of the founders of Pacific Airways.

Pacific Airways are now able to operate with much more freedom and the Exec Team have already discussed several new ideas to put some fun back into our hobby.

Pacific Airways can still be found at and welcome all new pilots.

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Pilot Statistics
Active: 15 Pilots
Inactive: 1 Pilots
Total: 16 Pilots

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