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Hub Staff
Director European Operations: George Brown
Director European Operations: George Brown

Flight Statistics
Scheduled: 13,351 Flights
Charter: 7,561 Flights
Special: 2,071 Flights
Total: 22,983 Flights

Pacific Europe Hub

With it's origins in London, the European Division of Pacific Airways has evolved to reflect the interest and support from Pacific Airways Members located throughout Europe and beyond.

Our aim is to encourage flight simmers to get the most out of their flight simulator experience. Whilst General Aircraft (GA) flying is welcome, the emphasis is to help newcomers establish themselves and build up experience leading towards commercial cargo and passenger operations using Instrument Flying Rules (IFR).

The range of airports on our various routes cover all the major cities throughout Europe however, we have centred the routes on a number of key (or focus) airports in order to put structure and interest in the flying. These focus airports are: Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Oslo, Madrid and Innsbruck. Each of these airports offer different operational characteristics, categories of aircraft, a variety of approaches and, last but not least, navigational challenges.

We want to increase membership of PAY Europe by providing support, help and assistance to pilots who are new to simulator and virtual airline flying and at the same time give those of you who have ˜got some hours in a variety of realistic and interesting challenges.
With training and information in mind we have created a Pilot Resource Centre where there is to be found digestible guidance on various aspects of flying and navigating including approach, departure and general navigation procedures and techniques. Additionally, there are example flights, understanding how to engage with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulator service (VATSIM) and guidance on ATC speak.

We regularly have informal short group events using the Virtual Air Traffic (VAT) service where anyone and everyone can join in including visitors from other hubs. We try and find some interesting locations, some quite remote, and fly as a group giving us opportunity to chat and exchange ideas and pose questions.

Our friendly hub staff include experienced simulator pilots, some with real aviation background.

So ...Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenida, Benvenuto, Welkom, Velkommen to

Pacific Airways Europe

Hub News
Battle Mountain 737 Circuit Race
Posted by Chris Cramblet on October 11, 2018 at 5:15 PM UTC

The 'Battle Mountain 737 On-Line Circuit Race' has been canceled. Watch for future events to come.

Home of the July PAY Pilot of the Month
Posted by Chris Cramblet on August 1, 2018 at 7:55 AM UTC

Please congratulate ATP Senior Commander Raimond Wolters PAY8625 for being selected as the July Pacific Airways Pilot of the Month! Well done Commander!

Battle Mountain 737 On-Line Circuit Race
Posted by Chris Cramblet on July 24, 2018 at 9:58 AM UTC

The Eastern Region is pleased to announce the up and coming "Battle Mountain 737 On-Line Circuit Race"! This event will be a timed race between PAY Pilots over a short course with 4 landings. The shortest leg is 46.3 miles and the longest is 166.3 miles.

The race will be flown in your choice of a 737-700 or 737-900, be VFR, with all ACFT remaining at or below 9,500 feet and a MAX speed of 250 knots. At each check point, a race official will be on-hand and after participants land, they must taxi to where the official is parked. Once they are at the officials parking location, they will be given a "Break Release Call" and they then taxi out and depart for the next check point. Taxi speed will be 25 knots MAX.

Pacific Airways held a similar event several years ago and it was a huge success and GREAT FUN for all who participated! Complete details and signup information will come soon. All participants will receive an Official Event Logbook entry, with the winner and runner up receiving "Battle Mountain Circuit Race" titles. Don't miss out on this sure to be, fun event!

This event is open to all Pacific Airways Pilots!

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Pilot Statistics
Active: 9 Pilots
LOA: 3 Pilots
Total: 12 Pilots

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