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Pacific Airways Memorials

This page is to honor pilots who were members of Pacific Airways that have passed away.

ATP Senior Commander Jimmy Edwards (PAY6448) ATP Senior Commander Jimmy Edwards (PAY6448)

While Jimmy was still alive, Pacific Airways held a flight event for Jimmy since he was flighting cancer and a dedicated PAY Pilot and not expected to survive long. A few of you were there and saw the huge turn out by many VA's, not just PAY and AFA. In fact there was such a huge turnout, APG was out numbered big time (and APG had one of its largest turnouts). Jimmy flew that event as long as he could, but being so ill he could not finish it, his son did for him!

On May 11, 2010, New York Pilot Jimmy Edwards took his last flight for Pacific Airways. Shortly after Jimmy left us to escape the bonds of this earth and fly forever in the heavens. Later that year, the Executive Staff of Pacific Airways created the 1st Jimmy Edwards Memorial Flyin to honor Jimmy's memory. That event has evolved as a way for the pilots of Pacific Airways to honor all pilots, real and virtual, who have departed this earth in the last year. Held at Quad City Airport, Moline, IL, it is the closest airport to Jimmy's hometown in Iowa that can handle heavy traffic.

ATP Captain Thomas Detlefsen  (PAY7773) ATP Captain Tom Detlefsen Sr. (PAY7773)

On Sunday March 4th 2018 Tom Detlefsen Sr. Passed Away from a Pulmonary Embolism at the age of 79. He loved the airlines from the time he joined to the time he passed away suddenly. He came up through the ranks as soon as he could to enjoy all aircraft. He was a GA Pilot as well as a ATP Pilot. Mostly he loved just flying around the world. He was a proud member of the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. from 1967 until his retirement in 1999. He was one of the first Los Angeles County Paramedics and very proud to be there to help people in need.

ATP Senior Commander Adam Bacon (PAY8445) ATP Senior Commander Adam Bacon (PAY8445)

Adam Bacon passed away early February 2017. Adam had been suffering long term illness and most days were a battle for him to one degree or another.

Despite this, he was an ardent supporter of Pacific Airways flying regularly and, through this hobby of ours, we came to know him to one degree or another, indeed some of us got to know him personally. He committed himself to Pacific Airways Europe and was at one time Chief Pilot and latterly Hub Director.

ATP Senior Commander Jim Angel (PAY3483) ATP Senior Commander Jim Angel (PAY3483)

Jim Angel passed away May 7, 2013. Jim had been suffering long term illness and most days were a battle for him to one degree or another. Jim had survived two very serious surgeries in the two weeks preceding his death. Quoting Jim's wife, "Our desks are side by side and our computers. He had recently bought a new laptop so he could sit in his recliner to participate with you all but the night of his birthday I was reading the posts on his Facebook page to him and when he didn't respond with his usual big laugh I looked up and he was gone." Jim served as Denver Chief Pilot and dedicated large part of his time to Pacific Airways.

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