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Operations Manual

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Here at Pacific Airways, we offer several different types of services which all of our pilots and passengers are able to take advantage of. Each service is made possible by a unique set of flights and aircraft. You will find some more information below about each of the different services we have available within the airline. Along with the new PAYacars system making any flight is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Passenger Division Passenger Division (Pacific Airways)

The passenger (ATP) division is by far our largest and most active division, which we primarily focus our operations on. Daily flights are available to hundreds of destinations across the world. The aircraft operated by this division range from the Airbus A319 to the Boeing 777.

Bush Flying Division NEW!! Bush Flying Division

This is also a GA division to challenge and excite you for your adventure into the wilderness, how you get to your destination is up to you. All destinations are short airfields in remote areas that will challenge your piloting skills. Using a variety of bush GA Aircraft this is one of our most enjoyable divisions.
Download Pacific Airways Wild Alaska Operations Manual (241 KB)

Pacific Blue GA Division NEW!! GA Express Division (GA Regional)

Our GA express division, is our newest division. Previously operated as Pacific Express, the new name brings an all new meaning to this division. The routes primarily served by this division are generally shorter then the ones served by our passenger or Cargo division. Generally, they are under two hours in length and are flown with aircraft that are already in your Flight Sim and seats less than 25 passengers. In this new Division you are able to fly all GA Aircraft anywhere, anytime, Even on Day 1 of Employment, Enjoy

Cargo Division Cargo Division (Pacific Cargo)

Our cargo division is responsible for transporting goods all over the globe on a daily basis. The three hubs which cargo operations are based out of are New York, Los Angeles, and London. These hubs are known as "super hubs" because they serve as bases for both passenger and cargo operations. Have fun flying the Heavy Iron.

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